My name is Kristi and I love saving money, getting a good deal, and sometimes just being cheap. Frequently in every day conversation, I end up sharing with people about coupons that are available or where to shop for something to get the best deal. I fully realize that my frugal ways get a bit over the top and obsessive. Hence, my need for a frugal outlet which will be this blog. A place where I can share my bargain seeking ways and finds with the world.

More than a year ago, my husband returned to school on a full time basis to earn his master of divinity. My frugal ways went from being a fun way to shop to a necessary way of life. We work hard to stretch every penny and earn money working several part time jobs. Thank you for taking the time to read the posts at One Frugal Mama. My prayer is that other people will be able to spend wisely and give greatly by tips offered in this blog.  God has blessed our lives richly and we pray his blessing on your life as well.